Analog Hearing Aids

Analog Hearing Aids

Whenever making a choice between digital and analog most people will go for digital hearing aids because they are considered to be better. The truth is that in some cases an analog device might be better suited for your particular case. Digital hearing aids will feature more options but they are also a lot more expensive. If you are on a budged you will need to opt for analog hearing aids. With this in mind, let us think about some different aspects that you have to be aware of when looking at analog hearing aids.

The modern hearing aids will include a microphone that will receive sound and an amplifier that makes sound clearer and louder. There is also a receiver that will convey the amplified sound to your ear. There are two main types of analog hearing aids: conventional and programmable.

A conventional hearing aid is cheap and stands out as the simplest possible when referring to technology. Just the basic functions are offered. On the other hand, a programmable hearing aid will include extra features that the user can take advantage of. In fact, a programmable hearing aid is similar to a digital hearing aid because it will also include a microchip so that different settings and required options are tailored to the needs of the patient.

You can customize a programmable hearing aid so that you can use it in a noisy or quiet environment. The easiness of use is a reality and all you need to do is use a switch in order to customize available settings. The difference between digital hearing aids and programmable analog hearing aids is the fact that the digital ones will convert the sounds into digital signals. This also allows extra functions like noise reduction and speech recognition. An analog device needs to be operated manually while the digital hearing aid is usually self-adjusting to the surrounding.

The biggest advantage that you gain from using a programmable analog hearing aid instead of a regular analog hearing aid is the fact that this device can be programmed in order to suit specific patient requirements. Unfortunately the extra features will also translate in a higher cost. Even so, they are less expensive than most digital hearing aids.

At times we find that analog hearing aids are more suited for an individual because of other factors and not just price. Most of us will want to improve our hearing ability so price can turn into a factor that is not that important. Also, extra features like speech recognition are not necessary for most individuals. What is important is to research everything properly and even talk to a specialist in order to make the best decision in your personal case.