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Audibel is a high quality hearing aid company with a focus on patient satisfaction.  The innovation included in every set of hearing aids sets them apart from the competition, and results in higher patient satisfaction for users.  Audibel’s full range of hearing aid sizes and styles provide high fidelity sound exactly matched to your hearing loss, superior noise management capabilities, and unmatched customer service to ensure the best

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Audibel is a consistent leader in hearing aid technology.  Active Noise Control, a feature found on the new Anthem Plus and Range wireless lines of hearing aids, has significantly improved patients’ comfort and ability to hear in noisy situations.  WhistleFree Feedback Cancellation also ensures that Audibel’s hearing aids can achieve a more comfortable fit and greater power without the risk of unwanted whistling or squealing.  Recently, Audibel has released new wireless hearing aid technology that the competition simply cannot match in quality of sound and ease of function.  Audibel’s wireless hearing aids offer ear-to-ear transmission, allowing one button to control both hearing aids when the wearer wants to change their settings.  This wireless connectivity also allows the hearing aids to communicate, enhancing the advantage you get with Active Noise Control in even the noisiest situations.  Lastly, Audibel’s media streaming device allows instant plug-and-play connectivity to your favorite media device (TV, stereo, MP3 and more), and gives you true stereo sound directly to your hearing aids, even if others have the TV muted.

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Audibel hearing aids also include lifetime service, meaning that services that can be performed in Audibel offices on site, are generally free of charge.  These include updated hearing tests, adjusting your hearing aids, routine cleaning of your hearing aids, and many minor in-office repairs.  This high quality service is available not only at the Audibel location where you purchase your aids, but also at any Audibel office across the country, ensuring that when you travel or move, you can get your hearing aids serviced at your nearest Audibel office location.

Audibel hearing aids are backed by robust warranties that protect your purchase against repair, loss and damage.  Currently, Audibel’s Anthem Plus product line incorporates a standard 2 year warranty.  What this means is that if anything goes wrong with your hearing aids during the warranty period, so long as you can give them to your specialist in one piece, the lab repairs the aids at no charge.  If the worst thing happens and the aid is lost or damaged, a small deductible replaces the entire aid, saving you thousands in the event of loss or catastrophic damage – even if it’s your fault.  When the warranty term expires, you may continue to purchase optional warranty coverage, ensuring your investment is always protected.

Audibel is also one of very few companies that will continue to repair and maintain hearing aids more than 5 years old.  Many manufacturers want to encourage repeat hearing aid purchases by refusing to repair devices past a certain age.  Audibel will continue to repair and maintain any hearing aid that you choose to keep, and also backs up their repair work with a 6 month guarantee against another repair.  If your hearing aid has been repaired by Audibel and fails again within the 6 month period, Audibel repairs it again at no charge.

One final point to consider is that Audibel is a wholly American owned and operated company.  In this economy, it is more important than ever to buy American to support American jobs.  Audibel’s facilities are located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota including manufacture, repair, and even specialized help fitting the most difficult hearing loss situations.

Audibel offers not only high quality hearing aids suitable for any hearing loss, but also backs up their products with some of the best service and guarantees in the industry.  If you are looking for a lifelong investment with a company that backs up their product, Audibel is the perfect choice.