Beltone Hearing Aids

Beltone stands out as one of the most important hearing aids manufacturers in the world. They are well known for the high quality of all the products and the fact that every model will include all standard components that are needed to help the patient. The company was started in 1930 by Sam Posen.

At the moment we see a very large distribution network that markets Beltone hearing aids in many countries around the globe. We have many designs and models available, each created to suit particular needs of the patients. New technology is always researched and included in the Beltone hearing aids. For instance, the newest addition is the trademark “Beltone touch hearing aid”. Every single device created by the company is filled with new technically innovative ideas.

Browse by Model

We can find a nice variety of Beltone hearing aids on the market. The most common products are Invisa, Oria, D71, P77 and Opera Plus. Opera Plus and Invisa are basically CIC (completely in the canal) Beltone hearing aids. They are really small and you will find the models are really trendy. The only real difference between them stands in the fact that Opera Plus offers a stronger amplification when compared with the Invisa.

There are Beltone hearing aids that are BTE (behind the ear). These are the P77 and the D71. Also, because of the fact that the company has managed to develop really strong technological advancements we also have the new Oria Beltone hearing aid, which is also a BTE. The difference is that this new model also includes good digital technology and a dual microphone system that will mainly affect the quality of the speech sound that is received, making it much clearer. Oria allows the wearer to decrease noisy atmosphere volume and this offers the possibility to have a much better conversation with anyone even if the surrounding environment is filled with noise.

All unwanted or noise sounds are going to make people that cannot hear right embarrassed. The use of these new beltone hearing aids is a plus because of the fact that they will suppress feedbacks and interference. This was a really big problem in analog hearing aids because they were not able to this. The new digital models can automatically correct noise and the sound will be adjusted according to the present environment. Because of the fact that interference is avoided we see that the person can hear clearly and naturally.

We should also look at the Beltone Change Hearing Aid. This is a very small model when we compare it with regular ITE (in the ear) hearing aids. The hearing capacity offered is increased and will work mostly like a CIC hearing aid. This beltone hearing aid offers really high quality while also including noise reduction. You can choose out of many sizes, styles and colors.

Beltone hearing aids stand out as some of the best in the market. They offer high quality and include digital technology that really aids the wearer. If you can afford these devices it is recommended to take a close look at what the company has to offer.