Beltone Prime - A New Concept In Hearing Aids

Our new design is “one-of-a-kind”

Beltone Prime hearing aidBeltone Prime hearing aids feature innovations you won’t find anywhere else. Its distinctive design uses the natural contours of your ears to maximize sound quality, and hide your hearing aids from view.

A Beltone Prime hearing aid is worn completely within your ear. One part sits comfortably in your ear canal, out of sight. The other part sits tucked away in the curve of your ear. Nothing goes over your ear. So, there’s nothing to see, and nothing to interfere with eyeglasses, sunglasses, hats or hair brushes.

Ears have curves and ridges to capture incoming sound and direct it into your ear canal. Beltone Prime uses your ears’ anatomy in the same way. By positioning the microphone in the curve of your ear, sound is received and sent to your ear canal where it’s processed much the same way natural hearing treats sound. That makes for amazing sound quality! It also protects against bothersome wind noise when you’re spending time outdoors.

Beltone Prime in the ear

Superb hearing in a single visit

Beltone Prime uses advanced micro-technology to filter out unwanted noise. Conversation is so much easier to understand, even in noisy places. There’s also a special setting for listening to music. And, Beltone Prime hearing aids are “fit-and-go.” If you show a hearing loss, we can precisely program your hearing aids to meet your specific needs in just one appointment. That means you’ll leave our office with great hearing that’s been customized just for you.

Easy–wear. Easy–care.

The sleek new design of Beltone Prime makes them ultra-easy to wear. They’re small, elegant and extremely comfortable. You can literally pop them in and go. No one will know. Performance–wise, Beltone Prime can’t be beat–especially for active people. We coat every component–inside and out–with HPF80 NanoBlock™. This protective shield repels moisture and debris, keeping your hearing devices working like new over time.

Micro–technology for major benefits

Natural Ear Directionality – By tucking the microphone in the helix of your ear, sound is gathered and transmitted as nature intended. Hearing is easy and more natural. This design also diminishes distracting wind noise, which makes hearing outside a breeze.

HPF80 NanoBlock™ – Protects your hearing aids, inside and out. NanoBlock coating repels moisture and dirt – giving you peak performance over time.

Feedback Eraser with WhistleStop – Unlike some hearing instruments, Beltone Prime stays quiet when objects come close to it.

Curvilinear WDRC – WDRC amplifies the softer sounds you want to hear, and prevents loud sounds from being uncomfortable or distracting. You won’t be disturbed by a sudden, jarring noise, or the distortion of loud sounds, while wearing your Beltone Prime hearing instruments.

AFX Music Mode – Music fans, rejoice! AFX Music Mode delivers a full-bodied musical experience faithful to the original sound.

Sound Cleaner Pro – Sound Cleaner Pro is a sophisticated noise reduction system that intuitively adjusts your hearing needs as you move from one noise environment to another. By intelligently changing amplification according to your surroundings, your hearing aids simulate natural hearing.

Silencer – This feature suppresses low level or irrelevant background noise, such as fans and refrigerators, which can be bothersome in quiet environments if amplified too much. (Available in Prime Plus)

Smart Gain Pro – When your hearing aids detect a change in the sound levels around you, Smart Gain Pro automatically increases or decreases amplification, and/or noise reduction, depending on what’s needed. So, as you move from place to place, listening stays comfortable. (Available in Prime Plus)