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1How do I know I need a hearing aid?
Click here for a list of warning signs of a hearing loss. If you have any of the symptoms, scheduling a free hearing test with a licensed practitioner in your area is a good idea. Click here to schedule a complimentary hearing exam.
2How do I know a hearing aid will work for me?
The success of a hearing aid user will differ between persons based on the severity of the loss. So, if you have a friend/relative that does well with hearing aids, or poorly with hearing aids, then that does not mean you will have the same results because each individual’s loss is different. However, once you receive a free hearing exam through HearingMatch, you will be able to listen to and use a hearing aid before making a purchase decision at the clinical location in your area.
3Do I need a digital hearing aid?
Not every person has to have a digital hearing aid, and some previous users may prefer an analog hearing aid over digital. However, modern technology has come a long way in the last few years, and over 95% of our patients choose a digital hearing aid. Generally, the more active a person is the more advanced of a hearing aid they will need to meet their lifestyle demands. There are many different types of digital hearing aids available.Our hearing partners will present you with the best options for your hearing loss, thus allowing you to make an informed decision.
4How much do hearing aids cost?
Hearing aids range in price from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The more basic hearing aids will cost under $1000. The more advanced digital hearing aids will start at $1500. The average price of a hearing aid in the US is approximately $2000. All of our hearing partners will provide financing options that will give payment flexibility.
5Does insurance pay for hearing aids?
Some insurance plans pay for hearing aids. However, many limit the amount of money they will pay. Our hearing partners have agreements with hundreds of insurance companies that give our customers additional discounts and savings.
6What is the best hearing aid on the market?
There are many great hearing aids on the market today as the technology of hearing aids has improved greatly. Many of the new digital hearing systems include multiple channels, each tuned for different listening environments. Some hearing aids have buttons that allow you to change from one listening environment to another. Hearing aids are also geared around your lifestyle. If you are active, then finding the “best” hearing aid for your use will be important. At HearingMatch, we suggest you schedule a free hearing test and allow the hearing specialist to suggest specific hearing aids. Please note that HearingMatch does not support one brand over another, we simply provide a service to schedule hearing tests for people that want to improve their quality of life.
7Is one hearing aid manufacturer better than another?
We have received this question a number of times and as we state on our website, we do not favor one brand over the next. However, we only schedule tests at reputable, licensed hearing clinics that can offer a range of selection.
8Is the hearing test always free?
If you fill out a form on HearingMatch.com, then the answer is YES. We have a unique relationship with select hearing clinics around the United States and Canada that will test our web visitors for free. Not strings attached.

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