Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak hearing aids first appeared on the market in the year 1947 under the name Ag fur Elektroakustik. The company started off in Zurich and it was basically started by a Belgian and French group of investors. As time passed the company went through many ownership changes. The first one was seen in 1965 when all of the company’s shares were purchased by Ernst Rihs. When he died in 1980 the shares ended up in the property of his sons. This lead to the current state of Phonak hearing aids, as a company that managed to establish itself as one of the most important players in the market.

In 1989 we saw the first ever Phonak marketing company that appeared in USA. Thanks to this transatlantic expansion the companies managed to become a global leader in the world hearing aid development industry. Just 2 years later we saw the appearance of Murten Phonak Communications together with the appearance of the well known Hearing Computer. Even today the company is constantly growing and manages to offer really good devices for people that are faced with hearing loss problems. There is no doctor that specializes in hearing loss that is not recommending their gadgets for patients.

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Phonak Hearing aids became even better in 1995 as AudioZoom was launched. At that time it was a vanguard of special multi-microphone technology. In 1996 we saw the appearance of MicroLink, which was the smallest FM receiver that the world had seen. 3 years later Claro was introduced by Phonak. This was the first Phonak hearing aid that was completely digital and also included a special FM receiver. 2003 was the year in which Phonak hearing aids also started to include Bluetooth technology. At that point in time the success that the company gained was incredible and the entire hearing technology industry god better thanks to the advancements made by Phonak.

phonakNowadays phonak hearing aids are marketed and owned by Sonova Holding AG. The brand name was maintained when the change happened and it was great to notice that the same international commitment to offer excellence was maintained. New facilities were opened in China and Vietnam. Phonak continuously tries to improve the technology that is used in their hearing aids. We now have access to special features like SmartRecover and DuoPhone. DuoPhone is a great system that allows the user to hear the sound perfectly in both the years when speaking on mobile phones. SmartRecover allows the user of the Phonak hearing aids to hear even high pitched sounds as they are modified and transformed into frequencies much easier to hear. Nios Micro is another step forward in technology offered by Phonak. It is the most advanced pediatric hearing aid that can be bought at the moment.

Phonak hearing aids are perfect for those that are suffering from hearing loss. These devices are known internationally and are always considered to be among the best. It seems that every new model that the company launches is a success and it is easy to understand why since there are so many technological features included in just one device.